Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Halloween Math Game Freebie

After spending time in math group rotations during the week, students get really excited for math game stations on Friday.  I have really enjoyed creating games for them to play during game time.  One of the things they enjoy the most about the games is getting to take them home in their daily folder to play with family members.  I have found that I can give something a fun name and the kids are instantly hooked.  Instead of using counters or cubes as game markers, I try to use fun foam pieces, sparkle pom poms, "quiet critters," or other fun items to make the games more fun. I finally finished a set of Halloween themed games for my students to use this month on math game Fridays. 
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I posted it to my TpT site.  Download  Haunted Seven, a free sample of one of the games.  I hope you enjoy using it with your students! 
 gwhizteacher, haunted seven, math games, math spooktacular

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