Friday, November 30, 2012

Autumn Noun Sorts

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday!  I've been a busy lady lately, but I have a freebie for you today.  I put a set of Autumn Noun Sorts on TpT that includes sorts for singular/plural, common/proper, countable/mass, abstract/concrete, and person/place/thing.  The pack includes mini posters, sorting headers, word cards, blank word cards, and recording sheets for all 5 sets 

gwhizteacher, autumn noun sorts

After introducing each type of noun in a mini lesson, I used the cards as a morning meeting sorting greeting.  Then I put the set in a center for kids to complete the sorting task and recording sheet independentlyEven thought I teach first grade, my kids were able to complete the tasks because the first noun sort we did as a class was the person/place/thing sort that uses all the noun cards from the four other sorts.  Students were already familiar with the words when it was time to work independently.

gwhizteacher, autumn noun sorts

Here's a freebie noun sort for possessive nouns!  It goes with the noun sort pack and includes word cards, sorting headers, recording sheet, and mini poster.  I used this with my kids in the Daily 5 Word Work station.  It works for 1st (after whole class practice or mini lesson) and 2nd grades and would be a good review or grammar mini lesson for 3rd grade.

 Download my noun sort freebie here and pick up the additional five noun sorts on TpT!  Have a great weekend!
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