Monday, October 29, 2012

Writer's Tools - Idea Book

Today I wanted to give you another resource that I use with my students in their Writer's Tools folders.  We store our sight word dictionaries, space man spacers, word collectors, sound charts, and other writing strategies in our writer's tools folders.  The kids love getting new tools and strategies to store in their folders.  I recently introduced an idea book tool.

gwhizteacher, writer's idea book, writer's tools

After brainstorming about writing ideas, characters, settings, and other story elements and types of writing, we add ideas to a class idea bank.  Students take ideas from the class chart and record the most meaningful ideas in their own mini books.  They personalize their books by adding their own ideas for their writing.  They can add ideas to their idea book in the morning during our morning Daily 5 or during our writer's workshop time.

gwhizteacher, writer's idea book, writer's tools

My students have enjoyed recording their ideas and have really benefited from brainstorming writing ideas with their peers.  Feel free to download my Writer's Idea Book and use it with your students during writing time.  Enjoy!

gwhizteacher, writer's idea book, writer's tools

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