Sunday, September 30, 2012

ID Badge Verse - Romans 5:3-4

It's been a LONG weekend full of work, and the week ahead is sure to promise many opportunities to "develop character." Hahaha!  Whenever I know I will face struggles during the week, I try to remember that suffering can lead to improved character if I embrace it in the right spirit.
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My hope this week is to seek balance between the huge amount of school work that "needs" to be done and my family.  I hope to be truly present for my students as well as my own children.  I hope to make my brain "stop" it's constant thinking and instead focus on what is most important.  I hope to show my children how to develop character through perseverance.  Download the verse for the week, Romans 5:3-4, and remind yourself to rejoice in your trails that you may ultimately rejoice in HOPE.

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