Thursday, October 4, 2012

Halloween Noun & Verb Sort Freebie!

I was so excited to put my first Literacy pack on TpT the other day!  I made a Halloween themed pack of activities for literacy centers and work stations.  I usually have my students work as partners on a skill before working independently so I designed the materials to be used as a game first and then as a more independent center.  I included student direction sheets for both the game and the center version that list common core standards in kid-friendly language.  I also included a teacher guide sheet that has common core standards listed for each game/center.  I think the center would be most appropriate for first grade students.  Second grade kids or ESL students that may need a bit of remediation or independent practice with sight words, decoding, nonsense words, or inflectional endings would do well with this literacy pack.

I decided to make a FREEBIE to go along with the literacy pack.  It can be used by first or second graders.  It is a simple noun/verb sort that includes picture cards, sorting headers, and a student recording sheet.  My students enjoy this center and I hope your students will too!  Download the Halloween Noun and Verb Sort today.
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  1. Hi! Cute freebie. Found you at Manic Monday. I'm new to TPT too. Congrats on your first literacy pack. I'm your newest follower...Monica