Wednesday, September 12, 2012

MI Magnet Man & Smarts Survey

As we learned about different smarts each day last week, we added pieces to our MI magnet man.  

Multiple Intelligences, MI Magnet Man, gwhizteacher

Now that we have learned about all eight different intelligences, our magnet man is complete.  As we learn and share during the day, students enjoy identifying which parts of magnet man we are using.  Sometimes we are using three or more smarts, and other times we use only one or two.  It's become a game!  Students have enjoyed MI man so much this year that as soon as the class marble jar is full, we will be making our own mini MI magnet men as a craftivity celebration!
Multiple Intelligences, MI Magnet Man, gwhizteacher

Tomorrow is OPEN HOUSE!  The students completed a "smarts survey" today to show their parents.   I know the parents will enjoy looking at their child's brain maps, self portraits, and MI surveys.  I am always amazed at how children view themselves and how they are able to set personal goals for their learning.  

Multiple Intelligences, MI survey, Intelligence survey, gwhizteacher
Many times I have parents take the survey about their child before I show them the survey their child completed.  Feel free to download my MI survey and use with your students to identify their learning styles and strengths.


  1. Hi, how can I get a copy of your M.I. checklist and the person parts, please?

  2. Hi
    This a great way for introducing my students to identify their different intelligences! How can I get a copy of the person parts?

  3. Did you get this information from Kathy Koch? I've only looked at this quiz and it sounds very much like her teachings.


  4. Wonderful way to teach Multiple Intelligence for elementary students.