Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nature Smart Scavenger Hunt

Today my class learned about "nature smart" (naturalist intelligence).  We began our Morning Meeting with a mystery greeting.  Students listened to  "My Five Senses" by Aliki and then used only their sense of touch to try to guess the item inside the mystery bag.  I put a paperclip in the bag and let each child take a turn feeling the mystery item.  After all students had a turn we counted to three and shouted out the mystery item.  Students explained how they were able to decide the mystery item was a paperclip.  
My Five Senses, mystery greeting, Morning Meeting, Nature Smart Day

We had lot of fun reading "We're Going on a Leaf Hunt" by Steve Metzger.  Students instantly compared it to the bear hunt version of the story we read on Music Smart day.  
Nature Smart Day, gwhizteacher, nature smart scavenger hunt, multiple intelligences
Instead of going on a leaf hunt like the kids in the story, we ventured out on a nature scavenger hunt.  I saw a great idea on Pinterest about a Nature Scavenger Hunt.  I created a sheet for students to use during our nature walk.  Students were allowed to tally items, check off blocks, or to write what they found in each box.  We had so much fun walking all around campus collecting nature evidence and writing/discussing what we saw!  
Nature smart day, nature smart scavenger hunt, gwhizteacher, multiple intelligences
I am attaching the sheet I made for our Nature Scavenger Hunt Sheet.  There is a blank version and one with a few clipart images. Enjoy!

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