Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Math Groups

We started math groups today!  I made a math rotation chart for my first graders based off of my son's second grade teacher's system.  The letters in the word math stand for 

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M - Math Problems
A - At the Computer
T - Teacher Time

H - Hands-On

Each day the kids rotate through two of the stations.  The Math Problems station is run by my teaching assistant.  Students complete math fact pages in their math workbooks or work on solving story problems.  Students working At the Computer work on Think Central, AdaptedMind, Khan Academy videos or our county math software programs.  I give differentiated mini lesson at the Teacher Time table.  Students working in Hands-On play games, use manipulatives, or work with flash cards and counters. Since students work in two sessions each day, they recieve differentiated small group instruction in problem solving or math concepts from a teacher every day.

In second grade students move through all four stations each day.  My students get two rotations each day.  I worried about not meeting with each student every day.  But a good friend said something that really made me think.  She asked me if I would rather my students get two lessons that were differentiated along with chances to practice skills on the computer and with manipulatives, or FOUR teacher directed lessons in which students may be bored and unengaged or even struggle to keep up. Great point.  I'd rather they get just what they need, even if that means I may not get face time with students every day.  It's worth a try. 


  1. I hope you like the new system! I've found that I have a better idea of where each student is in their understanding of the concepts! I can give better feedback and provide better remediation or extension activities.

    1. This is a wonderful idea. I was looking on TPT for the math group sign. Do you have this available? If so could you let me know how I can get a copy. Thank you! Laurie lmilham@wcpss.net

  2. I LOVE your Math Group sign. Do you have it available for the public?