Wednesday, January 30, 2013

February Math Games & Grounghog Math Game Freebie

I can't believe how time flies!  February is already here!  I made a great set of February Math Games that includes groundhog, Valentine, president, and dental health themes.

My sons test the games for me to be sure they are "cool" enough and "fun" enough.  They are in kindergarten and second grade, so I get a good sense of the strategies that can be used to play the games.  I love watching my sons approve the games before I test them with my first grade studentsOne of my second grader's comments this time was, "Your fonts are all good!"  Sometimes he has me go back and change things!  

Our favorite game is The Love Connection where you have to cover decade numbers that make 100.  When all the numbers are covered, the player with the longest connecting string of numbers is the winner.  We had a blast playing again and again to see if we could get a longer string of connecting numbers.

I realize Groundhog Day is right around the corner, so I'm linking one of my groundhog games, Shadow Bump, as a FREE PREVIEW.  Students roll two dice and add.  Then they add ten to the sum.  Players can cover, bump, or lock numbers!  It's lots of fun! I hope your students like it!

Stop by my TpT store and check out my February Math Games, and Winter Math Games.   Thanks!  
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