Monday, January 7, 2013

Winter Math Games

I've got a great freebie for you today!  My Winter Math Games are now posted on TpTThe set includes 8 game boards.  I use the games with my students as morning meeting activities (the kids lOVE to play boys vs. girls with the game projected on the BenQ board), guided math small group instruction, and then in the skills/games math center.  

Some of my advanced students master the game strategies quickly, so I made recording sheets for seven of the games as an extension or enrichment for the game.  Some of the sheets are challenging and would work well as a guided math group lesson.

I want you to have a sample of one of my favorite games, Mug O' Mallows, which focuses on combining tens to make 100.  I hope you can use it in the classroom to reinforce decade numbers and making sums of 100.  Students can't have enough practice working with groups of ten.  A second grade teacher colleague told me that many of her students still struggle to fluently add decade numbers!   

My son (a second grader) loves playing these games and trying to teach my kindergartener how to play!  I think the games would be great for first or second grade students (depending on independent skill levels).  Have fun with the freebie and if you like it, visit me on TpT for more details on my new Winter Math Games pack.  :) 

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  1. Hi April - found you over at Manic Monday and am your newest follower. Great stuff!
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  2. Hi April! Thank you for the freebie! It is adorable :) I am sharing it today on my FB so some of my friends pop over to your blog! I am a new follower :)
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  3. I saw you are in Raleigh. I'm close to you in Henderson. Can you be followed by e-mail? I didn't see that option. Thanks.

  4. Thank you for the freebie! Your colleague is right - I teach second grade and for some adding #s fluently is stll a big struggle - and we are halfway to third grade here! thanks a ton.
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