Sunday, December 23, 2012

ID Badge Verse - Ecclesiastes 3:1

My verse this week, Ecclesiastes 3:1, says that "For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven."  This makes me reflect on the Christmas season.  Many of us are filled with joy as the spirit of the holiday is all around us.  I was reminded in church this morning to prayerfully consider those that may be experiencing added sorrow during the holiday season.   

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As most of us experience added joy during the holiday season, some experience heightened sorrow due to the loss or absence of a loved one.  I can't imagine how difficult it must be for so many families to embrace the joy of Christmas without their most precious blessing present to share in the joy. I heard a song that beautifully captured the feelings of many teachers and parents this ChristmasBroken Hearted Christmas was written by Harriet Williams for families and teachers experiencing sorrow due to the recent tragic loss of students and teachersAs a first grade teacher it, touched my heart and offered the specific words of comfort I needed to hear.  The chorus is an especially beautiful reminder that we can share our burden with the Heavenly Father because he knows exactly how we feel...and can offer His perfect loving understanding and support as we journey forward.

If you have a broken heart this Christmas,
Give it to God, He knows just what to do.
If you can't find joy and peace this Christmas
Tell the Heavenly Father - He knows the pain
Of losing a child for someone else's sin.
He can make you heart whole again.

Many teachers, even ones that weren't directly effected by the tragic and senseless loss, can identify with feelings of fear and questioning.  I spoke with my night custodian this past week and he expressed his intense emotional realization that "evil must really exist.So many of us have heavy hearts mixed with joy at the same time.  It's difficult to sort out and understand.  I hope that this Christmas offers rest, relaxation, peace, joy, and comfort to all of my teacher friends this season.  Blessings, friends!

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