Sunday, December 2, 2012

ID Badge - Proverbs 13:10

I always strive to be a reflective teacher.  I want to look at my lessons and approaches to teaching and learning with an open mind.  My hope is that I won't get "stuck in my ways" in the classroom and that I will always seek to improve my pedagogy.  With the new Common Core State Standards pushing today's educators to strive for precise and purposeful teaching I sometimes find myself overwhelmed and wanting to fall back on something tried and true.  It's fun and easy to teach what is already familiar.  Conversely it is scary to try new approaches without your tool belt of tricks ready by your side.  The 21st century approaches to teaching and educating in today's classroom can indeed be scary, but can also provide a fresh lens in which to view your impact on the learners in your classroom.

gwhizteacher, proverbs 13:10, id badge verse

The verse this week reminds me that it's wise to take advice and seek constructive feedback from others in my profession.  I hope to improve myself for the benefit of my students and can only do that by approaching feedback, and sometimes criticism, with a positive attitude and a thankful spiritDownload this week's verse, Proverbs 13:10, and avoid pride to be wise!


  1. Thank you for sharing this scripture. I try and be reflective also but tend to be too critical of myself. I think it is so easy to get caught up in the pressure to push and teach the standards that we forget that we are teaching little hearts. I try and remind myself that God placed each child in my room for a reason and that THEY are often the one who teaches ME the lesson. =)

    I am happy to be your newest follower. I would love for you to hop over and visit me when you get the chance.

    Heather's Heart

  2. Heather! Thank you so much for your comment. When my iphone beeped last week and I saw your comment, I knew right away exactly who you were! I have been using your materials in my classroom since last year and have your poem, "Because of You," beside my desk. I was thrilled that somehow you found my blog. You are a source of inspiration for me. What a blessing this was for me during such a busy week. Thanks again, Heather! :)