Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bubble Gum Sums

Today we played math games instead of our usual MATH group rotations.  The kids enjoyed practicing new skills with partners.  Since our room has a candy theme this year I made some games to go along with the theme.  One of the games we played today was called "Bubble Gum Sums."  

gwhizteacher, bubble gum sums math game

Students rolled dice and practiced "counting on" from the larger number to find the sum. They covered the sum on their gumball board with a pom-pom "gumball."  The winner is the first player to cover all the gumballs.  It was funny to watch children roll over and over, getting different combinations for the same number.  The game worked as they began to know which numbers they would need for a certain sum.  They would blow on the dice and hope for a 9 and a 2 or a 7 and a 4.  It was quite comical.  Some children asked to take a game board home.

Download a copy of the Bubble Gum Sums for your next math game day.  Hopefully I will have more candy math games for you soon!

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